Welcome to Ram Wheels!

Why Electric Scooters?

The perfect combination of speed and style, they offer a great alternative to manual scooters.

Commuting has never been easier! Light weight, practical and easy to ride. They get you from A to B in no time. Just plug-in, charge and go!

Adrenaline packed fun without the expense. Great for outdoor adventures with family and friends. Many of our electric scooters are foldable, which means they will fit in most cars and can be easily erected again once you have reached your destination.

Our range of e-scooters are designed and manufactured using state of the art technology and are environmentally friendly. They are good for adults and older kids, we have a selection for children too in various colours.

We believe e scooters are the future! Convenient, low maintenance and no nasty emissions.

Ev Ultra Electric Scooter View 6 Army Green Decal


Our Mantra

  • Here in the midlands, UK we have a large distribution centre and a dedicated team that aims to get you parcel on time to your door step.
  • We aim to answer all you enquiries within a reasonable amount of time.
  • We will help you choose the correct model for you so you are happy with your purchase
  • We aim to build a community where you are able to share your experiences on our social platforms
  • We will always listen to our customers, to help us improve your experience with our products.
  • Influencing the future of eco-friendly transport, by offering the best quality products for many years of use and enjoyment.

Thank You

We would like to thank all our customers that have used and continue to use Ram Wheels, we take great pride and pleasure in what we do and appreciate the ongoing support from our customers.